Barley Bay is going starkers!


Don’t worry there’s no need to avert your eyes. It’s just our greetings cards that are going au naturel.

Birthday cards in their birthday suits

In a bid to make our cards eco-friendly, we have joined the Naked Pledge. This means that online retailers can now receive shipments of Barley Bay greetings cards in their birthday suits – without a cello wrap. All Etsy shop orders will also be automatically shipped unclothed.

Stark naked cards are eco-friendly

So many of our designs are inspired by nature. Like so many of you, it is what makes us tick. Our popular Summer Meadows range was inspired by the fields behind our home. And our coastal ranges reflect many a happy day pottering around the seaside, capturing the more picturesque side of man’s relationship with the sea.

Barley Bay Greetings Cards Trade Wholesale

Along with the rest of the nation, we have been shocked by the huge scale and devastating impact of humanity’s plastic addiction. The problem is that even when disposed of considerately (in the dustbin), plastic breaks down into small pieces and finds its way into the countryside and our waterways. It’s often then eaten by wildlife and even ending up in the human food chain.

Soon there won’t be any more summer meadows to roll around in or coastal paths to potter along. And those that do exist will continue to be blighted by plastic waste. We all need to do our bit, and so Barley Bay has signed up to the Naked Pledge.

SM montage rectangle hi res 1
Many designs from Barley Bay celebrate the natural world

Join us in the buff – order your eco-friendly cards cello free

The process couldn’t be simpler. From now on, when you order wholesale with us, we’ll ask you whether you want your cards with or without cellos. We know that selling without cellos is not always an option – sticky fingers are forever a threat. And so, we’re giving you the choice. We hope you will consider our au naturel eco-friendly cards, however, and help keep our countryside clean.

Are you a bricks and mortar shop?

At the moment there is no real alternative to cellos as plant-based ones are much more expensive and disintegrate quickly. However, demand for a solution is growing and we expect that some clever clogs will come up with an ingenious solution before long. So, to ward off sticky fingers problem, we will still provide brick and mortar retailers with cellos. Unless you are brave enough to join Barley Bay in the buff!

cornwall reflections
Inspiration comes from just staring out to sea. Let’s keep it clean!

Our eco-friendly cards are not just naked

It’s not just the odd flash that make Barley’s Bay’s cards eco-friendly. Our cardstock and envelopes are FSC certified, which means they are sourced sustainably. We don’t use glitter or foil either – neither of which can be recycled – so once the recipient takes down their birthday cards for the year, they can pop it in the recycling bin. Stockists may have also noticed their deliveries arrive in custom-made recycled boxes.

Of course, reusing is always one step better than recycling, and we encourage people to frame their cards so they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

So, cast off your cellos, and disrobe in the name of the environment. Take a look at our full range of eco-friendly cards here or call us on 01908 583316/ 07722136495 and email on

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