A whole load of fun with Just a Card

1503411607606Have you heard of the Just a Card campaign, which Barley Bay greetings cards wholeheartedly supports?

Just a Card is a social media campaign set up by Artist and Designer Sarah Hamilton, who creates lovely colourful and contemporary prints, cards and homewares. The campaign is a way to highlight the difference that buying just one card makes to small independent galleries and gift shops. After all, even if visitors can’t afford to invest in any of the big ticket pieces they have been browsing and admiring, almost all of us can buy just one card – and most of us need to send cards at some point!

Sarah was inspired to set up the campaign when she read about a shop which had sadly closed its doors. The owners were quoted as saying: ‘if everyone who had complimented our beautiful gallery had bought “just a card”, we’d still be open.’ Poignant words, but many visitors don’t realise the hidden costs behind running a business, from rent and bills to cake (particularly important!).

But by purchasing ‘just a card’, the British public can help ensure that more unique and independent shops stay open.

Imagine if every visitor to an independent art gallery or gift shop decided to buy just one card! Perhaps those independent shops would still be open, with their lovely wares on display?

And card producers and sellers are being called on to join in the fun, as the campaign tries to spread the word. BB Trevor has been enjoying taking part in Just a Card’s social media campaign of late – between 8 and 9 every Thursday, Just a Card invites folks to tweet on the topic. It’s a lively, interactive session where those in the card and independent retailer business can get together and chat, exchange pictures and comment on each other’s work. Trevor Tweeted from BB’s account www.barleybay.co.uk

BB’s Trevor joined in on the action and shared some photos of the independent shops in Southwold which now feature BB cards – the Spots Post Office and Anchor Blakeney. We also admired Louise Slater’s cuddly toy cards and lino cut birds, as well as hand drawn and painted cards by Purple Watermelon.

We also shared a cheeky ‘action shot’ of one of BB’s cards being created. Come 9pm were delighted to welcome some lovely new followers to the fold.

Just a Card day will be celebrated on the 28 September, so get your purses ready and don’t be embarrassed to pick up ‘just a card’ – you don’t realise how much it helps!

Find Hannah’s card work at https://www.etsy.com/shop/purplewatermelonco

In the meantime, we can’t wait for some more ‘card chat’ on Thursday!

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Or of course our website at www.barleybay.co.uk

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